Welcome to Snocat.co.uk

Unfortunately we have stopped selling snowboards and snowboard tuning gear. It was always a side-project and in the end we couldn’t devote enough time to running a retail business alongside our full-time jobs and increasingly long trips to the snow (or sun)!

Snocat was started in 2002 by John and Jon Merrifield, with the idea of providing snowboard tuning gear alongside useful information on snowboard tuning. We hoped to empower snowboarders to maintain their own sticks instead of paying for half-assed tune ups by the local shop monkeys.

Since we stopped doing business in 2009, the website has been offline and the project more or less forgotten about by us, but we do still get inquiries from people who have heard about us from friends or old forum posts. This page is for those people sat there wondering ‘I must have spelt the name wrong, or maybe it’s .com instead of .co.uk… Who the hell is John Merrifield and why would I want to see his CV?’

As time permits, we plan to restore some of the articles that used to be on the site, for those times when only a detailed discussion on edge angles will help you drift off to sleep.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email john@johnmerrifield.com. If you’re actually looking for the homepage of John Merrifield, head over to johnmerrifield.com.